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Esha Naidu

Postdoctoral Associate
Psychology & Neuroscience


Esha is a Postdoctoral Associate at Duke University. She received her BA in Psychology from Arizona State University in 2017, her MA in Social-Personality Psychology from the University at Buffalo in 2021, and her PhD from the University at Buffalo in 2023. Esha’s research interests broadly concern 1) how features of social contexts and individual differences (e.g. culture, physical space, religious beliefs, and personality) influence feelings of belongingness and 2) how different kinds of pathways to a fulfilled sense of belongingness (e.g. technologically mediated relationships, symbolic social relationships, group memberships and close relationships) importantly differ. In her free time, Esha likes trying out new recipes, working out while complaining about working out, and desperately trying to keep her house plants alive.

Current Appointments & Affiliations