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Gopal Sreenivasan

Crown University Distinguished Professor in Ethics
Duke Box 90743, Durham, NC 27708
207 West Duke Building, Durham, NC 27708


Gopal Sreenivasan (Ph.D. 1993, UC Berkeley) joined the Duke faculty in 2008.  His research interests cover a wide range of topics across the spectrum of moral and political philosophy.

Sreenivasan’s recent book, Emotion and virtue (Princeton, 2020), is the subject of symposia in Criminal Law and Philosophy and Analytic Philosophy. His contribution to the first symposium, "Courage, consistency, and other conundra," responds to critical comments by Rachel Barney and Christian Miller. His introduction to the second symposium doubles as a précis of the book.

Reviews of the book have appeared in AnalysisMind, and the Journal of Moral Philosophy.  


Recent publications on rights or human rights:

  • Rights against the world,” Analysis (2024), in press.
  • “Rights and revolution: Is there a liberty to ‘go it alone’?,” Social Philosophy and Policy (2024), in press.
  • “Legal human rights, as distinct from moral ones.”  In J. Tomalty and K. Woods (eds.) Routledge Handbook on the Philosophy of Human Rights (forthcoming).

Recent publications in bioethics:

But not everything belongs to a theme:


Emotion and virtue, précis.”  Author-meets-critics panel.  APA, Central Division Meeting. 2021.
"What is courage?"  Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University. 2019.
"Should virtue be taught?"  Character Project Conference, Wake Forest University. 2015.

Paper links on this page connect to page proofs.  For published versions of articles, see my curriculum vitae, although those links may require a subscription.

Current Appointments & Affiliations

Crown University Distinguished Professor in Ethics · 2008 - Present Philosophy, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Professor of Philosophy · 2008 - Present Philosophy, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Professor in Medicine · 2008 - Present Medicine, General Internal Medicine, Medicine
Associate of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society · 2017 - Present Duke Science & Society, Initiatives