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Hunter T Holloway

Consulting Associate in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
Family Medicine and Community Health, Family Medicine

Selected Publications

Characterization of subtle brain abnormalities in a mouse model of Hedgehog pathway antagonist-induced cleft lip and palate.

Journal Article PLoS One · 2014 Subtle behavioral and cognitive deficits have been documented in patient cohorts with orofacial clefts (OFCs). Recent neuroimaging studies argue that these traits are associated with structural brain abnormalities but have been limited to adolescent and ad ... Full text Open Access Link to item Cite

Magnetic resonance microscopy-based analyses of the neuroanatomical effects of gestational day 9 ethanol exposure in mice.

Journal Article Neurotoxicol Teratol · 2013 Animal model-based studies have shown that ethanol exposure during early gestation induces developmental stage-specific abnormalities of the face and brain. The exposure time-dependent variability in ethanol's teratogenic outcomes is expected to contribute ... Full text Link to item Cite

Ethanol-induced face-brain dysmorphology patterns are correlative and exposure-stage dependent.

Journal Article PLoS One · 2012 Prenatal ethanol exposure is the leading preventable cause of congenital mental disability. Whereas a diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) requires identification of a specific pattern of craniofacial dysmorphology, most individuals with behavioral an ... Full text Link to item Cite