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Jay Augustine

Instructor, Special Programs
Divinity School

Selected Publications

And Who is My Neighbor?: A Faith-Based Argument for Immigration Policy Reform in Welcoming Undocumented Refugees

Journal Article Howard law journal · January 24, 2024 The January 6, 2021 insurrection in Washington, DC revealed several things about the United States. In addition to revealing that an appropriate national moniker might be the “Divided States of America,” the insurrection also showed that Christian national ... Open Access Link to item Cite

When Prophets Preach Leadership and the Politics of the Pulpit

Book · March 28, 2023 In When Prophets Preach: Leadership and the Politics of the Pulpit, Jay Augustine urges twenty-first-century preachers to speak openly against social injustice, establishing such preaching as a key component of prophetic leadership. ... Cite

Called to Reconciliation How the Church Can Model Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion

Book · February 8, 2022 All Christians are called to be ministers of reconciliation. This book is an invitation to rediscover this call and to be encouraged and equipped to respond affirmatively and wholeheartedly. ... Cite

Environmental Justice and Eschatology in Revelation

Journal Article Loyola Law Review -New Orleans- · June 7, 2012 Open Access Link to item Cite

Moving the Church Toward Reconciliation: From Sacred Texts to Secular Acts of Diversity and Inclusion

Thesis Dissertation Reconciliation is one of the few terms having widespread usage in the American lexicon, after originating in the biblical canon. Although popularly used to denote parties giving up their enmity and finding commonality, reconciliation’s meaning is much deep ... Cite