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Jessica Sayles West CV

Medical Instructor in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences
Communication Sciences
40 Duke Medicine Circle, Box 3805, Durham, NC 27710
40 Duke Medicine Circle, Yellow Zone Suite 4000, Durham, NC 27710

Teaching Activities

Faculty Team Contributor, Bass Connections Project Team, Duke University. “Life After Stroke: A Sensory Health Initiative” (PI: Bailliard, A. & Hreha, K.)

Graduate Student Member, Bass Connections Project Team, Duke University. “Impact of Face Covering on Patient Communication and Health Outcomes” (PI: Francis, H., Pavon, J., & Riska, K.)

Co-Instructor, Data Expedition, Rhodes Information Initiative, Duke University. Two-day course data analysis course for undergraduate students taught in conjunction with SOC 257: Sociology of Mental Health. Link here:

Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology, Duke University.
SOC 250: Immigration and Health
SOC 361: Social Determinants of U.S. Health Disparities