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Selected Publications

Using an on-site laboratory for fecal steroid analysis in wild white-faced capuchins.

Journal Article General and comparative endocrinology · December 2022 Hormone laboratories located "on-site" where field studies are being conducted have a number of advantages. On-site laboratories allow hormone analyses to proceed in near-real-time, minimize logistics of sample permits/shipping, contribute to in-country ca ... Full text Cite

Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Impacts Community Perceptions around Kibale National Park, Uganda

Journal Article Diversity · March 30, 2021 The attitudes of community members living around protected areas are an important and often overlooked consideration for effective conservation strategies. Around Kibale National Park (KNP) in western Uganda, communities regularly face the threat o ... Full text Cite

Case study of participatory action research for wildlife conservation

Journal Article Conservation Science and Practice · February 2021 AbstractNegative interactions between humans and wildlife create one of the greatest threats to biodiversity conservation. When wild animals damage the crops in agricultural fields, subsistence farmers suffer food insecurit ... Full text Cite