Luke Parsons
Research Scientist

Luke Parsons is a climate researcher and lecturer. He teaches about climate change and climate impacts and studies climate dynamics, drought, and climate change + deforestation + emissions impacts on the environment, human health, well-being, and the economy. In addition to his work as a researcher, Luke is also a Wilderness First Responder and former NOLS instructor who enjoys backpacking, climbing, and taking panoramic landscape photographs.

Current Research Interests

1. Climate and Air Quality Impacts on Labor, Human Health and Well-Being
(a) What are the impacts of future climate policy (as they relate to both heat exposure and air pollution exposure) on labor and the economy?
(b) How does warming impact worker adaptation efforts?
(c) How do the economic and health costs of climate change compare to the costs of climate mitigation? What are the time horizons of benefits from climate mitigation?
(d) What are the health consequences of continued increasing heat exposure, who is most vulnerable, and how can we help these individuals adapt to climate change?

2. Land Cover and Global Climate Change Impacts in the Tropics
(a) What are the impacts of deforestation on temperatures, heat exposure, and workers?
(b) Can agroforestry practices mitigate the local warming impacts of global climate change?

3. Dynamics and Background Frequency of Persistent Drought
(a) What is the background risk of persistent drought in various drought-prone regions?
(b) What are the trajectories of ocean-atmosphere conditions that initiate/terminate drought?
(c) Do climate models reproduce observed ocean-atmosphere conditions during drought?

4. Dynamics of Low-Frequency Climate Variability
(a) What are the regional drivers of low-frequency (interannual to centennial scale) climate variability?
(b) How does external forcing impact internal climate variability?

Current Appointments & Affiliations

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