Paul Kelly Marcom
Professor of Medicine

Basic Science:
-Germline and somatic genetic changes in cancer, particularly breast cancer. Ongoing efforts with Dr. Joseph R. Nevins in Department of Genetics.

-Identification and management of individuals and families with hereditary cancer risk.
-Communication of cancer risk information to individuals and families.
-Breast cancer prevention.
-Optimizing management of early breast cancer.
-Treatment of metastatic breast cancer

Dr. Marcom's research has focused on two main areas. First, in the laboratory of Dr. Joseph Nevins in the Department of Genetics, he has been investigating alterations in cell cycle control in cancer. Primarily, these experiments have looked for primary alterations in the E2F family of genes, and their possible contribution to developing cancer. More recently, he has been involved with issues regarding genetic predisposition to developing cancer.

Investigations of cell cycle alterations have employed standard molecular biology techniques to analyze both cell lines and primary tumors for alterations in control of the retinoblastoma pathway, and consequent effects on E2F control.

Clinically, Dr. Marcom works as a medical oncologist in the multidisciplinary breast cancer clinic. He participates in clinical trials investigating new chemotherapeutic and biologic treatments. In addition, he is developing a new high risk, familial cancer clinic. This clinic will see patients and families thought to be at high risk of developing malignancies, and will interface with the forming Cancer Genetics Network. Patients and families will be counseled about their cancer risk, and identified for studying issues related to cancer genetics: determining penetrance of identified gene mutations, determining factors modifying genetic risk, prevention studies, etc. Finally, he also plans to be involved in clinical evaluation of drugs inhibiting tumor angiogenesis.

Areas of developing expertise include cell cycle alterations in malignancy, breast cancer, and hereditary cancer genetics.

Breast cancer, cell cycle, genetics, familial cancer, prognostic factors, angiogenesis

Current Appointments & Affiliations

Contact Information

  • 10 Bryan Searle Drive, Room 461 Seeley G. Mudd Building, Durham, NC 27710
  • Duke Box 3147, Durham, NC 27710

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