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Lou Brown

Research Scholar, Senior
John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute
Box 90403, 114 S. Buchananblvd Smith War, Durham, NC 27708
114 S. Buchanan Blvd, Box 90403, Durham, NC 27708-0403

Selected Publications

Collecting and Curating COVID-19 Heritage: Challenges of Conservation and Management

Journal Article Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites · January 1, 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic raises questions about curation, collecting, and the ethics of documenting a traumatic event as it occurs in real time. Such concerns became clear as the co-authors embarked on a multi-sited study of the pandemic’s impact on four comm ... Full text Cite

Private Struggles in Public Spaces: Documenting COVID-19 Material Culture and Landscapes

Journal Article Journal of Contemporary Archaeology · January 1, 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every facet of our world, including some of the most fundamental forms of human behavior and our conception of the social. Everyday activities now pose a risk to individuals and to society as a whole. This radical ... Full text Cite

Madagascar's cyclone vulnerability and the global vanilla economy

Chapter · May 16, 2009 This volume examines how elite groups attempt to maintain power through the use of particular economic, political, and ideological instruments and how both ruling elites and common people endeavor to create meaningful traditions while ... ... Link to item Cite

Reclaiming Lost Ancestors and Acknowledging Slave Descent: Insights from Madagascar

Journal Article Comparative Studies in Society and History · July 2004 Featured Publication These three statements regarding personal ancestry were made to me by villagers during life history interviews I conducted a few months into my research in northeastern Madagascar. Each statement is an admission of slave ancestry, and I highlight t ... Full text Cite