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Mattia Begali

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Romance Studies
Romance Studies
Box 90257, Durham, NC 27708-0257
014 Language Center, Durham, NC 27708

Outreach & Engaged Scholarship

Bass Connections Faculty Team Member - Project Vox ยท 2018 - 2019 Projects & Field Work

Primary Theme: Education & Human Development

Philosophy is a surprisingly static enterprise: the canonical figures in early modern philosophy, from Descartes and Locke to Hume and Kant, have remained essentially fixed in teaching and research for the past 50 years. The all-male canon reflects the fact that women were often excluded from early modern intellectual life, which centered on universities like Oxford and institutions like the Acad ;mie Royales des Sciences in Paris. New historical research demonstrates that many women managed nonetheless to publish philosophical works in French, German and English. Until very recently, however, college courses throughout the English-speaking world have neglected them.