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Mengqi Wang

Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Duke Kunshan University
DKU Faculty

Selected Publications

Homeownership in Hong Kong: House Buying as Hope Mechanism

Journal Article Journal of Cultural Economy · July 4, 2022 Full text Cite

The craft of urgency: performing prosperity, running capital, and the making of a buying crowd in home presales in Nanjing, China

Journal Article Journal of Cultural Economy · July 3, 2020 This article examines home presales–the selling of future residential properties–at the urban fringe of Nanjing, China. It argues for an analytical focus on urgency as a temporal quality that creates the local housing market and facilitates urban accumulat ... Full text Cite

‘Rigid demand’: Economic imagination and practice in China’s urban housing market

Journal Article Urban Studies · May 2018 China’s socialist market economy is predominated by strong state-owned sectors. In the real estate market, the government further controls land and regulates social services based on property ownership. But how do ordinary market actors perceive th ... Full text Cite

The social life of scripts: Staging authenticity in China's ethno-tourism industry

Journal Article Urban Anthropology · June 1, 2012 The widespread attempts to build tourism sites as a means of development in southwest China have provided materials for the studies of representations of ethnic minority cultures through the theoretical lens of orientalism. Rather than analyzing new forms ... Cite