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Paulo Alexandre Ferreira

Associate Professor in Ophthalmology
Ophthalmology, Vitreoretinal Diseases & Surgery
Duec 3802, 2351 Erwin Road, Durham, NC 27710
2351 Erwin Road, Duec 3802, Aeri Bldg, Room 5002, Durham, NC 27710


Chromosomes, Artificial, Bacterial Cell Survival Electrophysiological Phenomena Degeneration Biocatalysis HeLa Cells Mutant Proteins Evoked Potentials, Visual Ubiquitination Enzymes Cell Lineage Neurodegenerative Diseases Nerve Net Cell Death Substrate Specificity Macromolecular Substances Chromosome Mapping Isomerism Blotting, Southern Calcium Species Specificity Organ Specificity Recombination, Genetic Structural Homology, Protein Recombinant Proteins Gene Library Genetic Linkage Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid Eye Diseases, Hereditary Blotting, Northern Peptide Fragments Molecular Weight Retinaldehyde DNA-Binding Proteins Nuclear Proteins Cloning, Molecular Gene Expression Tissue Extracts Tissue Distribution Fatty Acids, Unsaturated Temperature Base Sequence Brain Chemistry Genetic Diseases, X-Linked Receptors, Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Structure-Activity Relationship Cells, Cultured Biological Transport Plasmids Cell Line Haploidy Sequence Homology, Amino Acid Subcellular Fractions Genome Mitochondrial Proteins Microscopy, Electron DNA Central Nervous System Luminescent Proteins Membrane Proteins Protein Sorting Signals Bacterial Proteins Retinal Degeneration Microglia Protein Isoforms Ubiquitinated Proteins Immunohistochemistry Gene Expression Profiling Sequence Alignment Ocular Hypertension Disease Models, Animal Kinetics Neurons Gene Expression Regulation Signal Transduction Reactive Oxygen Species Glaucoma Adolescent Intraocular Pressure Heterozygote Blindness Protein Binding Light Low Tension Glaucoma Genetic Association Studies Retinitis Pigmentosa Vision Disorders Lipid Metabolism Adult Fatty Acids Homeostasis Cholesterol Models, Biological Retina Molecular Chaperones Oxidative Stress Models, Molecular Proteins Eye Proteins Brain Mutation MPTP Poisoning Neuroglia Biological Evolution Phenotype Parkinson Disease Neoplasm Proteins Dopaminergic Neurons Carrier Proteins Animals