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Peter H. Klopfer

Professor Emeritus of Biology
Box 90338, Durham, NC 27708-0338
050 Bio Sci Bldg, Durham, NC 27708

Selected Publications

Neuroethology: Do hibernating primates sleep?

Journal Article Nova Acta Leopoldina · 2013 Cite

Timing of hibernation bouts in eastern dwarf lemurs

Conference AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY · January 1, 2013 Link to item Cite

The relationship of sleep with temperature and metabolic rate in a hibernating primate.

Journal Article PLoS One · 2013 STUDY OBJECTIVES: It has long been suspected that sleep is important for regulating body temperature and metabolic-rate. Hibernation, a state of acute hypothermia and reduced metabolic-rate, offers a promising system for investigating those relationships. ... Full text Open Access Link to item Cite

Lessons From an Unusual Critter: What Can Unusual Animals Teach Us?

Journal Article Ethology · November 1, 2012 The study of unusual or little-known animals can pay enormous dividends by providing new insights into fundamental biological processes. One has to consider only the implications of the studies on Aplysia or Caenorhabditis as illustrations, to say nothing ... Full text Cite

Life in science: seeds of doubt.

Journal Article Science (New York, N.Y.) · April 2009 Full text Cite

Kids, TV viewing, and aggressive behavior.

Journal Article Science (New York, N.Y.) · July 2002 Full text Cite

Elimination of scholarships.

Journal Article Science (New York, N.Y.) · December 1993 Full text Cite

Seasonal influences upon imprinting.

Journal Article Behavioural processes · February 1986 Full text Cite

Research sites.

Journal Article Science (New York, N.Y.) · June 1984 Full text Cite

Maternal 'imprinting' in goats?

Journal Article Animal Behaviour · January 1, 1979 Full text Cite

Imprinting in ducklings: variability among individuals and responses.

Journal Article Behavioural processes · December 1978 Duck embryos show a highly variable heart rate, which remains variable, though to a lesser degree, upon hatching. After hatching, behavioral responses of ducklings in an imprinting paradigm are also variable both between ducklings, and between particular r ... Full text Cite

Social Darwinism lives! (Should it?).

Journal Article The Yale journal of biology and medicine · January 1977 Sociobiology has made a resurgence in recent years, but has become enmeshed in political controversy. Indeed, much of the work in sociobiology has been used to justify repressive or racist measures. It is argued that the unfortunate alliance of some sociob ... Cite