Roni O. Cohen
Clinical Associate in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

I offer a confidential, professional, uncritical environment in which people can talk about their most intimate feelings, thoughts, wishes and fears. I listen, ask questions, and make comments aimed at broadening and deepening our understanding of the underlying issues of distress and unhappiness. Through that understanding and enriched self-knowledge, people learn how to cope differently and make better choices. My chief task is to help people learn how to find these answers in themselves so as to be able to continue a thoughtful and self-informed way of life after psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.

In the first sessions, the patient tells me what has brought him/her to me, and I suggest ways I can help. At the same time, the patient forms impressions of me and how I work. We discuss these things openly, and agree on how we will procede.

I see some people on a weekly basis and others two, three and four days a week. Treatment focus is governed by the patient's needs, whether that be internal conflicts or practical problems needing practical solutions. I listen, reframe, question, interpret, and, when solicited and appropriate, advise.

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