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Ruth A. Anderson

Professor Emerita in the School of Nursing
School of Nursing
Box 3322 Med Ctr, Durham, NC 27710
School of Nursing, 1003 Clipp, Durham, NC 27710


Adolescent Caregivers Diabetes Mellitus Models, Theoretical Respiratory Insufficiency Postoperative Complications Attitude to Death Subacute Care Eligibility Determination Psychometrics Intensive Care Units Professional-Family Relations Linear Models Multivariate Analysis Job Description Cross-Sectional Studies Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic Osteoporosis Middle Aged Interinstitutional Relations Patient Care Planning Nurse Administrators Nursing Administration Research Medicaid Medicare Nursing Process Homes for the Aged Job Satisfaction Personnel Loyalty Skilled Nursing Facilities Organizational Policy Qualitative Research Southeastern United States Patient Acceptance of Health Care Regression Analysis Texas Nurse-Patient Relations Continuity of Patient Care Longitudinal Studies Personnel Turnover Organizational Case Studies Workplace Aged, 80 and over Problem Solving North Carolina Virginia Outcome Assessment (Health Care) Intervention Studies United States Program Development Nurses' Aides Male Altruism Interprofessional Relations Accidental Falls Decision Making Female Aged Nursing Homes Nursing, Practical Facility Regulation and Control Renal Dialysis Health Status Withholding Treatment Sepsis Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult Family Terminal Care Palliative Care Pain Management Pain Universities Administrative Personnel Decision Theory Forecasting Medical Staff Organization and Administration Planning Techniques Computer User Training Decision Support Techniques Nursing Care Systems Analysis Perception Social Environment Health Services for the Aged Commerce Organizational Objectives Health Care Rationing Health Care Reform Total Quality Management Science Health Services Administration Health Services Accessibility Hospital Administration Institutional Management Teams Health Personnel Comprehensive Health Care Geriatric Assessment Ownership Data Collection Employment Reproducibility of Results Information Dissemination Needs Assessment Disability Evaluation Quality Assurance, Health Care Feasibility Studies Parkinson Disease Observation Professional Competence Health Facility Administrators Health Facility Merger Guideline Adherence Quality Indicators, Health Care Consultants Delivery of Health Care, Integrated Prenatal Care Inpatients Health Services Research Learning Health Facility Administration Nursing Patient Care Team Wounds and Injuries Efficiency, Organizational Evidence-Based Practice Organizational Culture Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care) Adaptation, Psychological Evidence-Based Nursing Dementia Data Interpretation, Statistical Systems Theory Delivery of Health Care Adult Hospitalization Patient Care Decision Making, Organizational Mentors Attitude to Health Nonlinear Dynamics Nursing Research Occupational Diseases Government Regulation Leadership Professional-Patient Relations Substance-Related Disorders Nurses Surveys and Questionnaires Quality of Health Care State Medicine Health Care Surveys Health Facility Environment Interviews as Topic Patient Care Management Patient-Centered Care Personhood Staff Development Educational Status Communication Attitude of Health Personnel Program Evaluation Diffusion of Innovation Pilot Projects Nursing Theory Evaluation Studies as Topic Organizational Innovation Research Design Benchmarking Clinical Protocols Models, Organizational Algorithms Comparative Effectiveness Research Quality Improvement Clinical Competence Inservice Training Curriculum Long-Term Care Nursing Staff Evidence-Based Medicine Group Processes Models, Nursing