Souha Sami Kanj-Sharara
Consulting Professor in the Department of Medicine

1990-1991 Studies on DNA detection of Rickettsia rickettsii in human blood and urine specimens using Polymerase Chain Reaction. Under the tutorship of Kenneth Wilson, M.D., Division of Infectious Diseases, Duke University Medical Center and Durham VA Medical Center (Principal investigator: S. Kanj, M.D.)

1992 -95 Associate in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and post-doctoral fellow. Worked under the mentorship of Joseph Nevins Ph.D, chairman, and Laura Davis Ph.D, assistant professor in the department of Genetics. Studies involved looking at the effect of Adenovirus infection on the localization and transport of cellular mRNA and the cellular splicing machinery usingin situ hybridization, immunofluorescence, western blots, immunoprecipitation and quantitative PCR techniques.(Pricipal investigator: S. Kanj, M.D.)

1995-96 Comparative studies on the use of reverse transcription PCR versus serology and shell vial culture techniques in the diagnosis of CMV pneumonitis in patients undergoing lung transplantation at Duke University Medical Center.

1996-97 Evaluation of the use of donor bronchus cultures in lung transplantation.( Senior investigator: S. Kanj, M.D.)

1997 Safety and efficacy of aerosolized amphotericin B lipid complex for the prophylaxis of fungal infections in lung transplant recipients.( principal investigator: S. Kanj, M.D.)

1997 Pharmacoeconomic analysis of amphotericin B lipid complex for the treatment of invasive fungal infections in solid organ transplant recipients without underlying renal dysfunction. Protocol under review by The Liposomal Company. (J. Perfect, M.D., S. Kanj, M.D., R. Drew, Pharm.D., J. Paladina Pharm. D., L. Sanchez Pharm. D.)

1997 Oral ganciclovir for prophylaxis of cytomegalovirus infection in lung transplant recipients. A comparison with the IV formulation. Protocol in preparation for review by Roche-Syntex. (S. Palmer, M.D., S. Kanj, M.D., V. Tapson, M.D., R. D. Davis, M.D.)

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  • DUMC 102359, Durham, NC 27710

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