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Selected Publications

Impact of energy availability and physical activity on variation in fertility across human populations.

Journal Article Journal of physiological anthropology · February 2023 Human reproduction is energetically costly, even more so than other primates. In this review, we consider how the energy cost of physical activity impacts reproductive tasks. Daily energy expenditure appears to be constrained, leading to trade-offs between ... Full text Cite

Effect of influenza vaccination on resting metabolic rate and c-reactive protein concentrations in healthy young adults.

Journal Article PloS one · January 2023 ObjectivesChronic immune activation and severe inflammatory states are positively associated with resting metabolic rate (RMR; kcal/day), but the impacts of mild immune stimuli on metabolism are poorly understood. This study investigates the withi ... Full text Cite

Investigating factors of metabolic bone disease in baboons (Papio spp.) using museum collections.

Journal Article American journal of biological anthropology · March 2022 ObjectivesTo assess manifestations of metabolic bone disease (MBD) and their potential environmental and phenotypic factors in captive and non-captive baboon (Papio spp.) specimens.Materials and methodsOur sample consisted of 160 baboon s ... Full text Cite

Daily physical activity is negatively associated with thyroid hormone levels, inflammation, and immune system markers among men and women in the NHANES dataset.

Journal Article PloS one · January 2022 The acute effects of exercise on metabolic energy expenditure and inflammation are well studied, but the long-term effects of regular daily physical activity on metabolic and endocrine effects are less clear. Further, prior studies investigating the impact ... Full text Cite

Human hunting adaptations at Wadi Madamagh, Jordan at the peak of the Last Glacial Maximum

Journal Article Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports · December 2020 Full text Cite