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Werner Tornow

Professor Emeritus of Physics
Box 90308, Durham, NC 27708-0308
414 TUNL, Durham, NC 27708


Professor Werner Tornow became the Director of TUNL in July, 1996. He is primarily interested in studying few-nucleon systems with special emphasis on two-nucleon systems and three-nucleon force effects in three-nucleon systems. Polarized beams and polarized targets are essential in this work. He collaborates with the leading theoreticians in his field to interpret the experimental data obtained at TUNL. He recently became involved in weak-interaction physics, especially in double-beta decay studies and in neutrino oscillation physics using large scale detectors at the Kamland project in Japan.

Current Appointments & Affiliations

Professor Emeritus of Physics · 2011 - Present Physics, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences