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Wen Zhou

Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke Kunshan University
DKU Faculty

Selected Publications

Schadenfreude or empathy? Children's emotional responses to the physical pain and pleasure of prosocial and antisocial others.

Journal Article Journal of experimental child psychology · May 2024 Adults' emotional reactions to the pain and pleasure of others are influenced by the moral character of those individuals. However, it remains unclear whether children's emotional responses also show such selectivity. To investigate this, we compared 4- to ... Full text Cite

Humanizing animals does not reduce blatant dehumanization by children or adults

Journal Article Current Research in Ecological and Social Psychology · January 1, 2024 Blatantly likening humans to animals is associated with discrimination and hostility. The power of dehumanizing animal metaphors is thought to lie in the belief that animals are inferior to humans and do not deserve full moral concern. Previous work sugges ... Full text Open Access Cite

Getting it right: Teaching undergraduate biology to undermine racial essentialism.

Journal Article Biology methods & protocols · January 2023 How we teach human genetics matters for social equity. The biology curriculum appears to be a crucial locus of intervention for either reinforcing or undermining students' racial essentialist views. The Mendelian genetic models dominating textbooks, partic ... Full text Cite

The Early Expression of Blatant Dehumanization in Children and Its Association with Outgroup Negativity.

Journal Article Human nature (Hawthorne, N.Y.) · June 2022 Dehumanization is observed in adults across cultures and is thought to motivate human violence. The age of its first expression remains largely untested. This research demonstrates that diverse representations of humanness, including a novel one, readily e ... Full text Open Access Cite

Motivating children's cooperation to conserve forests.

Journal Article Conservation biology : the journal of the Society for Conservation Biology · April 2022 Forests are essential common-pool resources. Understanding children's and adolescents' motivations for conservation is critical to improving conservation education. In 2 experiments, we investigated 1086 school-aged children and adolescents (6-16 years old ... Full text Open Access Cite

Correlates of Parent-Child Physiological Synchrony and Emotional Parenting: Differential Associations in Varying Interactive Contexts

Journal Article Journal of Child and Family Studies · April 1, 2019 Objectives: Parent-child synchrony during interaction might possess important features that underlie parenting processes throughout development. However, little is known regarding the association between parent-child physiological synchrony and emotional p ... Full text Open Access Cite