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W Scott Griffies

Associate Consulting Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Adult Psychiatry & Psychology

Selected Publications

Incorporating Brain Explanations in Psychoanalysis: Tennessee Williams as a Case Study.

Journal Article Psychodyn Psychiatry · 2022 Despite Tennessee Williams's genius as a playwright who could represent his inner emotional struggles in his art, psychoanalysis was unable to free him from the powerful "blue devils" within him. Williams's inability to engage with psychoanalysis presents ... Full text Link to item Cite

Impaired Mind-Body Connections in Psychosomatic Patients: A Contemporary Neuropsychodynamic Model.

Journal Article Psychodyn Psychiatry · 2019 In alexithymia-type psychosomatic patients who do not have the capacity to mentalize, arousal is experienced non-symbolically within the body. These people also often have significant histories of attachment trauma and other adverse childhood experiences. ... Full text Link to item Cite

Believing in the patient's capacity to know his mind: A psychoanalytic case study of fibromyalgia

Journal Article Psychoanalytic Inquiry · September 1, 2010 Fibromyalgia is currently viewed as a disorder of pain and stress processing in the central nervous system. Various stressors in combination with constitutional and genetic factors can trigger the syndrome, and the way the brain processes stress has been l ... Full text Cite

Health care infrastructure post-Katrina: disaster planning to return health care workers to their home communities.

Journal Article Psychiatr Serv · January 2010 One of the greatest challenges of restoring the New Orleans health care infrastructure since the post-Katrina disaster has been shortages of health care providers. Many providers had prolonged displacements or did not return to their practices, depleting t ... Full text Link to item Cite

Post-Katrina stabilization of the LSU/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Program: caveats for disaster preparedness.

Journal Article Acad Psychiatry · 2009 OBJECTIVE: The Louisiana Health Science Center/Ochsner Hospital psychiatric residency was displaced in August 2005 by Hurricane Katrina to multiple state hospitals and clinics throughout Louisiana. The program encountered many difficulties and learned many ... Full text Link to item Cite

The Louisiana emergency department behavioral health challenge.

Journal Article J La State Med Soc · 2007 Hurricane Katrina uncovered and exaggerated Louisiana's behavioral health crisis. Patients with mental illness are backlogged in emergency rooms across the state, unable to access inpatient psychiatric treatment. Post-Katrina, part of the department of psy ... Link to item Cite

Roles of mental health professionals in multidisciplinary medically supervised treatment programs for obesity.

Journal Article South Med J · June 1997 Excess weight is a major medical problem for more than one third of Americans and, after cigarette smoking, is the second largest cause of death. However, obesity treatments remain controversial, and only surgical therapies have patient volume and appropri ... Full text Link to item Cite

A combined treatment approach to anxiety in the medically ill.

Journal Article J Clin Psychiatry · 1995 Anxiety occurs frequently in patients who are medically ill. A proper search for the underlying cause of the anxiety is essential if the clinician is to make a correct diagnosis and initiate appropriate treatment. Two aspects of the patient's history are p ... Link to item Cite

Steroids in rhinoplasty.

Journal Article Laryngoscope · November 1989 A prospective double-blind randomized pilot study was performed to test the benefits of steroids versus placebo in controlling edema and ecchymosis in rhinoplasty within the immediate postoperative period. Thirty consecutive patients who underwent rhinopla ... Full text Link to item Cite

Spontaneous tonsillar hemorrhage.

Journal Article Laryngoscope · April 1988 Spontaneous tonsillar hemorrhage (STH) of non-iatrogenic causes occurs most frequently from infection. Infection can lead to erosion into a major vessel, such as the carotid artery or a smaller peripheral tonsil vessel. Whereas fatal erosion into a major v ... Full text Link to item Cite

The role of fine needle aspiration in the management of the thyroid nodule.

Journal Article Laryngoscope · September 1985 The role of fine needle aspiration (FNA) in the management of the patient with a thyroid nodule continues to be controversial. We present a retrospective study of 69 patients who underwent FNA for thyroid nodules over a two-year period. No false positive o ... Link to item Cite