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Kevin A Richardson

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Selected Publications

Social construction and indeterminacy

Journal Article Analytic Philosophy · March 1, 2024 An increasing number of philosophers argue that indeterminacy is metaphysical (or worldly) in the sense that indeterminacy has its source in the world itself (rather than how the world is represented or known). The standard arguments for metaphysical indet ... Full text Cite

Social Reasons

Journal Article Journal of Applied Philosophy · January 1, 2024 The goal of this article is to motivate the idea of a social reason and demonstrate its usefulness in social theorizing. For example, in a society that values getting married young, the fact that one is young is a reason to get married. In racist and sexis ... Full text Cite

The Metaphysics of gender is (Relatively) substantial

Journal Article Philosophy and Phenomenological Research · July 1, 2023 According to Sider, a question is metaphysically substantive just in case it has a single most natural answer. Recently, Barnes and Mikkola have argued that, given this notion of substantivity, many of the central questions in the metaphysics of gender are ... Full text Cite

Critical social ontology

Journal Article Synthese · June 1, 2023 Critical social ontology is any study of social ontology that is done in order to critique ideology or end social injustice. The goal of this paper is to outline what I call the fundamentality approach to critical social ontology. On the fundamentality app ... Full text Cite

Exclusion and Erasure: Two Types of Ontological Opression

Journal Article Ergo an Open Access Journal of Philosophy · March 31, 2023 Full text Cite

Derivative Indeterminacy

Journal Article Erkenntnis · January 1, 2023 Indeterminacy is metaphysical (or worldly) if it has its source in the way the world is (rather than how it is represented or known). There are two questions we could ask about indeterminacy. First: does it exist? Second: is indeterminacy derivative? I foc ... Full text Cite

Social Groups Are Concrete Material Particulars

Journal Article Canadian Journal of Philosophy · May 28, 2022 It is natural to think that social groups are concrete material particulars, but this view faces an important objection. Suppose the chess club and nature club have the same members. Intuitively, these are different clubs even though they have a common mat ... Full text Cite

Grounding is necessary and contingent

Journal Article Inquiry (United Kingdom) · January 1, 2021 Grounding is necessary just in case: if P grounds Q, then necessarily: if P, then Q. Many accept this principle. Others propose counterexamples. Instead of straightforwardly arguing for, or against, necessity, I explain the sense in which grounding is nece ... Full text Cite

Grounding Pluralism: Why and How

Journal Article Erkenntnis · December 1, 2020 Grounding pluralism is the view that there are multiple kinds of grounding. In this essay, I motivate and defend an explanation-theoretic view of grounding pluralism. Specifically, I argue that there are two kinds of grounding: why-grounding—which tells us ... Full text Cite

On What (In General) Grounds What

Journal Article Metaphysics · January 9, 2020 Full text Cite