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Sara Haravifard

William M. Fairbank Assistant Professor of Physics
Box 90305, Durham, NC 27708-0305
099 Physics Bldg, Durham, NC 27708

Available to Mentor

  • Affiliate
  • PhD
  • Post-Doc
  • Undergraduate

Advising & Mentoring

Post-Doctoral Research Associates:  Zhenzhong Shi, Sachith Dissanayakse

Graduate Students: William Steinhardt, Reed Hodges, Lalit Yadav, Matthew Ennis

Undergraduate Students: William Smith (Engineering), Eric Seewald (Chemistry/Physics), Craig Cronin (Chemistry)

International Student Interns:  Yinying Zhang (University of Science & Technology China), Qiaochu Wang (Beijing Institute of Technology, China)

Group Alumni: 

Postdoctoral Associates:
Stephen Kuhn --  Currently at Low Energy Neutron Source @ Indiana University
Hongcheng Lu 

Research Technician:
Casey Marjerrison -- Currently at McMaster University, Canada

Graduate Students:
Brodie Popovic -- Duke Physics

Undergraduate Students:
Dhruv Luthra -- Duke Engineering -- Currently at ConsenSys
Jeong Min Park -- Duke Physics/Chemistry -- Currently at MIT
James Shackford* -- Duke Engineering
August Ning* -- Duke Engineering
Delaney Dalldorf -- Duke Neurobiology/Pre-Med
Ryan Bichoupan* -- Duke Physics
Keegan O’Reilly -- Duke Physics
Tahsin Bari -- Duke Biomedical/Medical Engineering
Ezra Kalmowitz -- Duke Engineering
Jea Hyun Kim -- Duke Chemistry
Olivia Liu (Huang Fellow) -- Duke Biology/Pre-Med
* As part of Duke Research Scholars Program

International Student Interns:
Zhican Chen  (University of Science & Technology China) -- Currently at Rice University
Haizhou Liu (Nanjing University, China) -- Currently at Duke University
Yiliang Lu (Nanjing University, China)

International Exchange Students:
Bataung Mohapi (African Leadership Academy, South Africa)
Bingzheng Han (Wuhan University, China)

Highschool Students: 
Andrew Jiang