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Sara Haravifard

William M. Fairbank Assistant Professor of Physics
Box 90305, Durham, NC 27708-0305
099 Physics Bldg, Durham, NC 27708

Research Interests

Exploring novel collective phenomena in quantum materials by means of neutron and x-ray scattering techniques; Investigating quantum critical phenomena at extreme environmental conditions of ultra-low temperature, high magnetic field, and high pressure; Materials by Design: synthesis, single crystal growth and characterization of correlated electron systems, quantum magnets, topological systems, metal-organic frameworks, and high-temperature superconductors.

Fellowships, Gifts, and Supported Research

NSERC PGS D3 Prestigious Scholarship · 2007 - 2010 National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Ontario Graduate Scholarship · 2006 - 2006 Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universitie, Canada
The Eugene D. Bolotkin Prestigious Scholarship · 2005 - 2005 McMaster University, ON, Canada