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Adam Hollowell

Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Program in Education
Education Program
Box 104407, Durham, NC 27705
2024 West Main Street, Durham, NC 27705

Selected Publications

Paul Ramsey

Chapter · August 9, 2017 This volume offers a set of concise and accessible introductions to the seminal figures in the historical development of the just war tradition. In what, if any, circumstances are political communities justified in going to war? ... Link to item Cite

Power and Purpose Paul Ramsey and Contemporary Christian Political Theology

Book · January 26, 2015 Featured Publication The book dedicates considerable attention to Ramsey's description of practical reasoning and highlights his commitment to the virtues, especially prudence. ... Cite

Just War and Statecraft in Paul Ramsey’s Reading of Luke 14:28-33

Journal Article The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning · August 1, 2012 Open Access Link to item Cite

Paul Ramsey and Reinhold Niebuhr on a Public Theology of Tragedy and the Problem of Dirty Hands

Journal Article International Journal of Public Theology · May 19, 2011 Modern discussions of the problem of ‘dirty hands’ often draw upon a tradition of thinking in American public theology that wrestles with political conflicts between moral limitations and responsibilities. This article examines the problem of dirty ... Full text Open Access Cite

Revising Basic Christian Ethics: Rethinking Paul Ramsey’s Early Contributions to Moral Theology

Journal Article Studies in Christian Ethics · August 2010 Despite petitions from friends and critics through much of his career, Paul Ramsey adamantly refused to revise his first book, Basic Christian Ethics. Yet, several pieces of Ramsey’s private correspondence indicate specific changes to Basic Christ ... Full text Open Access Cite

Purposive Politics: Paul Ramsey, Repentance and Political Judgment

Journal Article Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics Open Access Link to item Cite