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Anne-Maria B. Makhulu CV

Associate Professor in the Department of Cultural Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Box 90091, Durham, NC 27708-0091
205 Friedl Building, Durham, NC 27708

Available to Mentor

  • Masters
  • PhD
  • Post-Doc
  • Undergraduate

Advising & Mentoring

Undergraduate Theses:

Elise Dellinger, “‘They Have In Their Mind That Girls Cannot Make It’:
An Analysis of Academic Achievement in Rural Kenya,” Spring 2009

Amari el-Amin, “New Media and Notions of Beauty,” Spring 2016

Mina Ezikpe, "Prison Abolition and Political Imagination," Spring 2017

Nadine Gloss, “The Game of Giving Back: Rethinking Corporate Capitalism and the Trend of Corporate Social Responsibility,” Spring 2010

Jacinta Green, “The Blushing Bride is Colored!  Interracial Relationships between Black Women and White Men in the South: 1619 to the Present,” Spring 2008

Asraiel Harewood, “And Justice for Some: Interrogating Racial Inequality and Pipelines to the Juvenile Justice System,” Spring 2015

Osagie Ighile, “Killing Iraq: A look at Agency and Power in Relation to the US Mainstream Media,” withdrawn Spring 2009

Mumbi Kanyogo, "From Silence to Movement: Exploring the Politics of Spectacle in Contemporary African Feminist Protest," Spring 2019

Tobi Runsewe, “Nostalgia, Collective Memory, and Forgetting After Apartheid: Contemporary South Africa in Focus,” Spring 2015

Brendane Tynes, “Redefining Black Love and Black Power: An Intersectional Analysis of Gender Violence and Political Activism,” Spring 2015

Jessie Weingartner, “Belizean Political, Social, Economic, and Historical Factors and their Effects on Anglican Schools and their Populations,” Spring 2009

Doctoral Dissertations:

Anita N. Bateman, “Ethiopia in Focus: Photography, Nationalism, Diaspora, and Modernization,” defended March 27, 2020

Layla Brown, “Vanguard Women: Revolutionary Consciousness Raising and Organization Building Among Black Women in the United States and Venezuela,” defended April 1, 2016

Christopher Daley, “From the Backyard to the Ballpark: Making It in the Dominican Baseball Diaspora,” defended June 30, 2021

Bryan Dougan, “Developing Mental Health: Global Health Science, Psychiatric Health Care Delivery, and Rapid Urbanization in Dar es Salaam,” ongoing dissertation advising

Jatin Dua, “Regulating the Ocean: Piracy and Protection Along the East African Coast,” defended May 6, 2014

Can Evren, “The History of Soccer at the Crossroads of Europe and Turkey,” defended November 10, 2020

Patrick Galbraith, “Bishōjo Games: The Politics of Relations with Fictional Characters in Contemporary Japan,” defended February 7, 2017

Alexis Ligon-Holloway, "Composing Whiteness: The Invisibility and Hypervisibility of Blackness in American Classical Music," ongoing dissertation advising

Nmachika Nwokeabia, “The Poetics and Politics of 21st Century Nigerian Writing,” defended May 13, 2014 (external advisee at the University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Matthew Sebastian, “Peace and War in Motion: Youth, Futurity, and Bureaucratic Care in Northern Uganda,” defended April 1, 2021

Samuel Shearer, “Producing Urban Futures in Post-Genocide Kigali” defended March 31, 2017

Tamar Shirinian, “The Survival of a Perverse Nation: Sexuality and Kinship in Post-Soviet Armenia,” defended April 30, 2015

Christina Tekie Collins, “Brewing Development: Multinational Alcohol Companies, the Neo-Concessionary State, and the Politics of Industrialization in Ethiopia,” defended March 28, 2019

Dubie Toa-Kwapong, "'Home': Diasporic Return Migration to Accra, Ghana," ongoing dissertation advising

Naledi Yaziyo, title TBD, dissertation advising concluded 2021