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Chang Lung Lee

Assistant Professor in Radiation Oncology
Radiation Oncology
Box 91006, Durham, NC 27708
B220 LSRC Bldg, 308 Research Dr, Box 91006, Durham, NC 27708


The overall goal of the Lee lab’s research program is to improve the therapeutic window of radiation therapy and the survivorship of cancer patients by minimizing acute and late effects of radiation. Our current NIH-funded projects primarily focus on defining the mechanisms underlying the regeneration of epithelial cells in the oral mucosa and the small intestines in response to radiation injury. In addition, we are developing novel medical countermeasures for gastrointestinal acute radiation syndrome as well as radiation-induced intestinal fibrosis in the scenarios of nuclear terrorism.

Current Appointments & Affiliations

Assistant Professor in Radiation Oncology · 2021 - Present Radiation Oncology, Clinical Science Departments
Assistant Professor in Pathology · 2020 - Present Pathology, Clinical Science Departments
Member of the Duke Cancer Institute · 2018 - Present Duke Cancer Institute, Institutes and Centers

Education, Training & Certifications

Duke University · 2012 Ph.D.