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Christopher Petsko

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Fuqua School of Business

Selected Publications

Political (Meta-)Dehumanization in Mental Representations: Divergent Emphases in the Minds of Liberals Versus Conservatives.

Journal Article Personality & social psychology bulletin · July 2023 We conducted two reverse-correlation studies, as well as two pilot studies reported in the online supplement (total N = 1,411), on the topics of (a) whether liberals and conservatives differ in the types of dehumanization that they cognitively empha ... Full text Cite

Are leaders still presumed white by default? Racial bias in leader categorization revisited.

Journal Article The Journal of applied psychology · February 2023 In the United States, leaders of the highest valued companies, best-ranked universities, and most-consumed media outlets are more likely to be White than what would be expected based on White people's representation in the U.S. population. One explanation ... Full text Cite

Is Men's Heterosexuality Perceived as More Precarious Than Women's? An Intersectional, Race-by-Gender Analysis.

Journal Article Personality & social psychology bulletin · January 2023 People perceive men's masculinity to be more precarious, or easier to lose, than women's femininity. In the present article, we investigated (a) whether men's heterosexuality is likewise perceived to be more precarious than women's, and if so, (b) whether ... Full text Cite

Through the looking glass: A lens-based account of intersectional stereotyping.

Journal Article Journal of personality and social psychology · October 2022 [Correction Notice: An Erratum for this article was reported in Vol 123(4) of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (see record 2023-02979-003). In the article, a coding error that impacted the results of Experiments 2a and 2b has been correc ... Full text Cite

Race and White Rural Consciousness

Journal Article Perspectives on Politics · December 19, 2021 The concept of rural consciousness has gained a significant amount of traction over the past several years, as evidenced by hundreds of citations and its inclusion within the most recent pilot of the ANES. However, many have questioned whether rural consci ... Full text Cite

Blatant dehumanization in the mind's eye: Prevalent even among those who explicitly reject it?

Journal Article Journal of experimental psychology. General · June 2021 Research suggests that some people, particularly those on the political right, tend to blatantly dehumanize low-status groups. However, these findings have largely relied on self-report measures, which are notoriously subject to social desirability concern ... Full text Cite

Multifarious person perception: How social perceivers manage the complexity of intersectional targets

Journal Article Social and Personality Psychology Compass · February 1, 2020 Stereotyping plays an important role in how we perceive the members of social groups. Yet stereotyping is complicated by the fact that every individual simultaneously belongs to multiple social groups. For example, the stereotypes that are called to mind a ... Full text Cite

Racial stereotyping of gay men: Can a minority sexual orientation erase race?

Journal Article Journal of Experimental Social Psychology · July 2019 Full text Cite

Race–Crime Congruency Effects Revisited: Do We Take Defendants' Sexual Orientation Into Account?

Journal Article Social Psychological and Personality Science · January 2019 Decades ago, social psychologists documented a juror decision-making bias called the race–crime congruency effect: a tendency to condemn Black men more than White men for stereotypically Black crimes but to do the reverse for stereotypically White ... Full text Cite