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Hossein Salahshoor

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
100 Science Drive, Box 90287, Hudson Hall 121, Durham, NC 27708
Fciemas Bldg, 101 Science Dr, Room 2461, Durham, NC 27710

Selected Publications

Application of Data-Driven computing to patient-specific prediction of the viscoelastic response of human brain under transcranial ultrasound stimulation.

Journal Article Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology · March 2024 We present a class of model-free Data-Driven solvers that effectively enable the utilization of in situ and in vivo imaging data directly in full-scale calculations of the mechanical response of the human brain to sonic and ultrasonic stimulation, entirely ... Full text Cite

Structure of Anabaena flos-aquae gas vesicles revealed by cryo-ET.

Journal Article Structure (London, England : 1993) · May 2023 Gas vesicles (GVs) are gas-filled protein nanostructures employed by several species of bacteria and archaea as flotation devices to enable access to optimal light and nutrients. The unique physical properties of GVs have led to their use as genetically en ... Full text Cite

Structure of Anabaena flos-aquae gas vesicles revealed by cryo-ET

Journal Article Biophysical Journal · February 2023 Full text Cite

Model-free Data-Driven viscoelasticity in the frequency domain

Journal Article Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering · January 1, 2023 Featured Publication We develop a Data-Driven framework for the simulation of wave propagation in viscoelastic solids directly from dynamic testing material data, including data from Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA), nano-indentation, Dynamic Shear Testing (DST) and Magnetic ... Full text Cite

Geometric effects in gas vesicle buckling under ultrasound.

Journal Article Biophysical journal · November 2022 Featured Publication Acoustic reporter genes based on gas vesicles (GVs) have enabled the use of ultrasound to noninvasively visualize cellular function in vivo. The specific detection of GV signals relative to background acoustic scattering in tissues is facilitated by nonlin ... Full text Cite

Mechanics of ultrasonic neuromodulation in a mouse subject

Journal Article Extreme Mechanics Letters · January 1, 2022 Ultrasound neuromodulation (UNM), where a region in the brain is targeted by focused ultrasound (FUS), which, in turn, causes excitation or inhibition of neural activity, has recently received considerable attention as a promising tool for neuroscience. De ... Full text Cite

Transcranial focused ultrasound generates skull-conducted shear waves: Computational model and implications for neuromodulation.

Journal Article Applied physics letters · July 2020 Featured Publication Focused ultrasound (FUS) is an established technique for non-invasive surgery and has recently attracted considerable attention as a potential method for non-invasive neuromodulation. While the pressure waves in FUS procedures have been extensively studied ... Full text Cite

Material symmetry phase transitions in three-dimensional tensegrity metamaterials

Journal Article Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids · October 1, 2018 Featured Publication Prestressing the cables of tensegrity-based metamaterials is a widespread practice for enhancing their stability and mechanical properties. We choose a recently developed three-dimensional tensegrity lattice (Rimoli and Pal, 2017) and investigate material ... Full text Cite

A Numerical Investigation of the Pinning Phenomenon in Quasi-Periodic Frenkel Kontrova Model Under an External Force

Journal Article Journal of Statistical Physics · October 1, 2018 Featured Publication We perform a numerical study on Frenkel–Kontrova (FK) models in quasi-periodic media subject to a constant external force. The quasi-periodic FK models appear in several physical problems such as deposition, spin waves in 1-D, planar dislocations in 3-D ei ... Full text Cite

Non-Schmid effects and finite wavelength instabilities in single crystal metals

Journal Article Extreme Mechanics Letters · April 1, 2018 A long standing postulate in crystal plasticity of metals, known as Schmid law, states that yielding commences once the resolved shear stress on a slip plane reaches a critical value. While non-Schmid effects have previously been reported experimentally (m ... Full text Cite

Nanoscale Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cross-Linked Hydrogels

Journal Article Journal of Nanomechanics and Micromechanics · June 1, 2015 Recently, hydrogels have been employed in a variety of engineering applications as promising materials, since their porous structure and hydrophilicity enables them to absorb a large amount of water. Atomistic simulations lead to a better understanding of ... Full text Cite

Multi-scale mechanical and transport properties of a hydrogel.

Journal Article Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials · September 2014 In this paper, molecular dynamic simulation was used to study the effect of water on the equilibrated structure and mechanical properties of cross-linked hydrogel at multiple scales. The hydrogel consisted of Polyethylene glycol diglycidyl ether (PEGDGE) a ... Full text Cite

Fracture toughness of the sidewall fluorinated carbon nanotube-epoxy interface

Journal Article Journal of Applied Physics · June 14, 2014 The effects of carbon nanotube (CNT) sidewall fluorination on the interface toughness of the CNT epoxy interface have been comprehensively investigated. Nanoscale quantitative single-CNT pull-out experiments have been conducted on individual fluorinated CN ... Full text Cite

Nano-scale fracture toughness and behavior of graphene/epoxy interface

Journal Article Journal of Applied Physics · July 15, 2012 Atomistic simulations are performed to investigate the nano-scale interfacial fracture toughness between graphene and epoxy. Nano-mechanical properties of graphene and epoxy are initially studied using molecular dynamics simulations. A novel method is sugg ... Full text Cite