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John Howard Sampson

Robert H., M.D. and Gloria Wilkins Professor of Neurosurgery, in the School of Medicine
Box 3810 Med Ctr, Durham, NC 27710
1293 Orange Zone, Duke South, 200 Trent Dr, Durham, NC 27710


Radiotherapy, Image-Guided Cognition Reoperation Poliomyelitis Oncolytic Viruses Cytotoxicity Tests, Immunologic Cell Membrane Immunomodulation Work Schedule Tolerance Health Care Costs Cerebrovascular Disorders Intraoperative Complications Observer Variation Chimera Academic Medical Centers Education, Graduate Neural Stem Cells Publishing Abortion Chemotherapy Steroids Imaging Standard of Care Oncology Homosexuality Tuberculosis, Multidrug-Resistant Antitubercular Agents Principal Component Analysis Cluster Analysis Alcohol Oxidoreductases Adipates Catalytic Domain Saccharomyces cerevisiae Indoleamine-Pyrrole 2,3,-Dioxygenase Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Infusions, Intra-Arterial Bispecific antibodies Transforming Growth Factor beta Mice, Inbred Strains Transfection Histocompatibility Antigens Class I Supratentorial Neoplasms Thrombocytopenia Drug Synergism Safety Drug Implants Antibodies, Neoplasm Encephalomyelitis, Autoimmune, Experimental T-Lymphocytes, Cytotoxic Nerve Compression Syndromes Pain Measurement Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-akt Melanoma Microcirculation Swiss 3T3 Cells Meningioma Protein-Serine-Threonine Kinases Meningeal Neoplasms Proto-Oncogene Proteins Th2 Cells Child, Preschool Infratentorial Neoplasms Ataxia T-Lymphocyte Subsets Forkhead Transcription Factors Body Burden Radiopharmaceuticals Injections, Intralesional Cerebral Cortex Immunosuppressive Agents CD4-Positive T-Lymphocytes Proteomics History, 21st Century Recombinant Fusion Proteins History, 20th Century Exosomes Vaccination Electrophoresis, Gel, Two-Dimensional Multivariate Analysis Carboplatin Antibiotics, Antineoplastic Relative Biological Effectiveness Antineoplastic Agents, Phytogenic Tumor Burden Spinal Neoplasms Escherichia coli Electrophoresis, Polyacrylamide Gel Linear Models Receptor, erbB-2 Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Interleukin-2 CD8-Positive T-Lymphocytes Spinal Fusion North Carolina Risk Factors Surgical Wound Infection Subcutaneous Fat Prevalence Tomography, X-Ray Computed Body Mass Index Cervical Vertebrae Protein Engineering Mutagenesis, Site-Directed Indicators and Reagents Molecular Sequence Data Single-Chain Antibodies Antibodies, Bispecific Amino Acid Sequence Antigens, CD3 Complementarity Determining Regions Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell Treatment 3T3 Cells DNA Mutational Analysis Mice, Inbred BALB C Blotting, Western Tyrosine Mice, Nude Iodine Radioisotopes Oligodendroglioma Injections, Intravenous Antibodies Tenascin Confidence Intervals Protein-Tyrosine Kinases Infusions, Intravenous Interferon-gamma Enzyme Inhibitors Sirolimus Lymphocytes T-Lymphocytes, Regulatory CD4 Antigens Lymphocyte Depletion Immunoglobulin G Mice Mice, Inbred C57BL Cell Line, Tumor Flow Cytometry Mice, Transgenic Sample Size Immunoenzyme Techniques Tumor Suppressor Proteins Injections, Intradermal Predictive Value of Tests Prospective Studies United States Clinical Trials, Phase III as Topic Proportional Hazards Models Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic DNA Modification Methylases Interleukin-13 Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Antineoplastic Agents, Alkylating Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic Immunotoxins Transforming Growth Factor alpha Tomography, Emission-Computed Positron-Emission Tomography Disease Progression Injections, Intraventricular Serum Albumin, Radio-Iodinated Tomography, Emission-Computed, Single-Photon Magnetic Resonance Imaging Risk Assessment Trigeminal Nerve Dose Fractionation Radiotherapy, Intensity-Modulated Facial Nerve Antineoplastic Agents Neovascularization, Pathologic Protein Kinase Inhibitors Drug Resistance, Neoplasm Receptors, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Aged, 80 and over Etoposide Treatment Failure Benzenesulfonates Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A Administration, Oral Cytochrome P-450 CYP3A Anticonvulsants Niacinamide Kaplan-Meier Estimate Recurrence Cohort Studies DNA Topoisomerases, Type I Glioblastoma Antibodies, Monoclonal Angiogenesis Inhibitors Guanine Antibodies, Monoclonal, Humanized O(6)-Methylguanine-DNA Methyltransferase Survival Analysis Astrocytoma Carmustine Male Middle Aged Paraganglioma Retrospective Studies Survival Rate Young Adult Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols Immunotherapy Female Aged T-Lymphocytes Receptor, Epidermal Growth Factor Vaccines, Subunit Immunotherapy, Adoptive Follow-Up Studies Interleukin-2 Receptor alpha Subunit Cell Proliferation Humans Brain Neoplasms Glioma Cancer Vaccines Genetic Engineering Phenylurea Compounds Coculture Techniques Genetic Testing Antibody Affinity Antigen-Antibody Complex Quality of Life Sequence Alignment Genotype Benzamides Survival Chi-Square Distribution Liposomes Injury Severity Score Glasgow Coma Scale Infant Socioeconomic Factors Gene Transfer Techniques Posture Carcinogenicity Tests Health Services Accessibility Social Class Equipment Design RNA Viruses Electrocoagulation Neuroma, Acoustic Craniocerebral Trauma Retroviridae Infections Immunoglobulin Idiotypes Poverty Biopsy Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunts Tyrphostins Goals Antigen Presentation Data Collection Radioligand Assay Nitrosourea Compounds CHO Cells Cranial Irradiation Neoplastic Stem Cells Ear Neoplasms Virulence Factors Cytokines Nervous System Autoimmune Disease, Experimental Naphthoquinones Recombinant Proteins Signal Transduction Patient Selection Homeless Persons Registries Solubility Drug Screening Assays, Antitumor Catheters, Indwelling Skin Neoplasms Spinal Cord Injuries Paranasal Sinus Diseases Genetic Techniques HIV Infections Immunization Transplantation, Heterologous Urban Population Tuberculosis, Pulmonary Antibody Specificity Phytotherapy Eosinophilic Granuloma Saponins Cell Division Biological Assay Glossopharyngeal Nerve Diseases Keratinocytes Decompression, Surgical Retroviridae Genetic Vectors Lymph Nodes Drugs, Chinese Herbal Plants, Medicinal Plant Extracts Microsurgery Titrimetry Neoplasm Metastasis Melanoma, Experimental Cranial Nerve Diseases Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation Cytotoxicity, Immunologic Postoperative Complications Peptide Fragments Tumor Cells, Cultured Spleen Neoplasm Invasiveness Lung Neoplasms Radiometry Stereotaxic Techniques Cell Survival Microinjections Cell Line Gene Expression Profiling Neoplasm Transplantation Preoperative Care Drug Administration Routes Child Movement Viremia Gene Expression Cisplatin Antigens, Differentiation Recombination, Genetic Dactinomycin Immunocompromised Host Membrane Proteins Language Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis Bone Marrow Cells Infusion Pumps Neoplasms, Experimental Mutant Proteins Hypersensitivity, Delayed DNA Repair Enzymes Drug Evaluation, Preclinical Reproducibility of Results Radiotherapy, Adjuvant Pilot Projects Catheterization Sensitivity and Specificity Hemocyanins Software DNA Methylation Substrate Specificity Diagnostic Imaging Disease Models, Animal Meningitis Intraocular Pressure Remission Induction Tumor Microenvironment Tumor Escape Models, Molecular Antibody Formation Mutation Head Retinal Diseases Chemotherapy, Adjuvant Cranial Nerve Neoplasms Radiotherapy Neoplasms Exophthalmos Exotoxins Precision Medicine Decanoic Acids Methods Protein Precursors Isotope Labeling Contrast Media Proteome Immunocompetence Breast Neoplasms Polyesters Xenograft Model Antitumor Assays Pyridines Epidermal Growth Factor Radioimmunotherapy Molecular Targeted Therapy Radiotherapy, High-Energy Drug Therapy, Combination Convection Neoplasm Staging Thiazoles Drug Delivery Systems Brain Diseases Macrophages Gadolinium DTPA Cholesterol Paresis Prognosis Head and Neck Neoplasms Diagnosis, Differential Time Factors Infusion Pumps, Implantable Tissue Distribution Quinazolines Neurosurgical Procedures Neoplasm Grading Chemoradiotherapy Tumor Markers, Biological Dacarbazine Craniotomy Opportunistic Infections Pyrimidines Central Nervous System Neoplasms Monitoring, Intraoperative Drug Administration Schedule Camptothecin Disease-Free Survival Hydroxyurea Piperazines Maximum Tolerated Dose Spinal Cord Neoplasm, Residual Adult Radiosurgery Radiation Injuries Neoplasm Recurrence, Local Genetic Therapy Radiotherapy Planning, Computer-Assisted Palliative Care Pain Management Combined Modality Therapy Oncolytic Virotherapy Radiation Tolerance Radiotherapy Dosage Image Processing, Computer-Assisted Lymphopenia Cells, Cultured Antigens Chemokines Cell Movement Lymphocyte Activation Immunologic Surveillance Peptides Phosphoproteins Dendritic Cells Culture Media, Conditioned Monocytes Dose-Response Relationship, Drug Models, Animal Brain Electroporation Phosphorylation Immunohistochemistry Antigens, Neoplasm Treatment Outcome Surface Plasmon Resonance Blood-Brain Barrier Salvage Therapy Clinical Trials as Topic Immunosuppression Antigen-Presenting Cells Immunity Immune System Central Nervous System Cell Culture Techniques Chromatography Epitopes Immunity, Innate