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N. Katherine Hayles

James B. Duke Distinguished Professor Emerita of Literature
Box 90670, Durham, NC 27708-0670
101 Friedl Building, Durham, NC 27708

Awards & Honors


International Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Durham · January 2015


National American Academy of Arts and Sciences · 2015 Area:Humanities and Arts; Specialty: Literature and Language Studies More about this award

Lifetime Achievement Award

National Society for Literature, Science and the Arts · October 2013

Pilgrim Lifetime Achievement Award

National Science Fiction Research Associates · October 2012

GreaterThanGames Humanities Lab Grant

Other Franklin Humanities Institute · August 2011


National National Humanities Center · 2006

René Wellek Prize

National American Comparative Literature Association · 2000

Fellowships for University Teachers

National National Endowment for the Humanities · 1999

External Faculty Fellowship

National Stanford Humanities Center · 1991


National John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation · 1991