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Selected Publications

What is community-level environmental literacy, and how can we measure it? A report of a convening to conceptualize and operationalize CLEL

Journal Article Environmental Education Research · January 1, 2022 Environmental education research often emphasizes the importance of community context, but conceptualization and measurement of environmental literacy has mostly occurred at the individual level, often focusing on individual behaviors. The environmental pr ... Full text Open Access Cite

Intergenerational learning: A recommendation for engaging youth to address marine debris challenges.

Journal Article Marine pollution bulletin · September 2021 Featured Publication Youth can impact environmental attitudes and behaviors among adults. Indeed, research on intergenerational learning has demonstrated the influence of young people on adults in their lives for myriad environmental topics. Intergenerational learning (IGL) re ... Full text Cite

Youth Can Promote Marine Debris Concern and Policy Support Among Local Voters and Political Officials

Journal Article Frontiers in Political Science · April 15, 2021 Featured Publication Many of the most sweeping social movements throughout history have been youth-led, including those related to environmental challenges. Emerging research suggests youth can build environmental concern among parents via intergenerational learning, in some c ... Full text Cite