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Elizabeth Snyder-Fickler

Research Scientist, Senior
Center for Child and Family Policy
Box 90539, Durham, NC 27708-0539
Rubenstein Hall, 302 Towerview Road, Durham, NC 27708


Liz Snyder-Fickler is trained as a research psychologist with a concentration in cognitive development. Her work focuses on conducting rigorous community-based research and evaluation. Centered on vulnerable children and families and the systems that serve them, her research broadly spans the areas of child welfare, children's mental health, and early childhood and elementary education. Research interests include design, implementation and analysis of interventions, and the use of actionable data to improve practice and policy within these human service settings. Together with a multi-disciplinary team of Duke researchers she has conducted numerous research and evaluation studies aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of children and families in North Carolina. She currently leads the following studies:

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