Anthony Ross Means
Nanaline H. Duke Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology, in the School of Medicine

The Means laboratory is interested in the study of cell signaling cascades that regulate cell proliferation, differentiation or function and how alterations in these pathways contribute to disease states. It is hoped that an understanding of these pathways may provide clues to novel targets that may be amenable to the drug discovery process. Current major research projects under investigation include:

1. The cellular mechanisms that govern regulation of CaMKIV, the CaM cascade, which includes CaMKK, CaMK1, CaMKIV and AMPK, and how these calcium-mediated signaling cascade affects cell function fate decisions. Examples of current studies include apoptosis, differentiation, self-renewal of stem cells and central regulation of energy balance.

2. Evaluating the pathways that are involved in regulating cell migration and invasiveness. One project investigates the protein kinase MLK3 and how it is involved in the cascade of events by which small G proteins such as Cdc42, Rac and Rho control directed cell movements via changes in the cytoskeleton.

3. Examining the role of the prolyl isomerase Pin1 in oncogenesis. Studies are focused on the Ras-mediated pathways involving Pin1 that control accumulation of oncoproteins such as Myc and cyclin E and how these pathways participate in human cell transformation and tumorigenesis.

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  • C238a Lev Sci Res Ctr, Durham, NC 27708
  • Duke Box 3813, Durham, NC 27710

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