Matthew Kelly
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

My research is broadly focused on elucidating the complex interactions that exist between the host microbiome and exogenous pathogens that cause infections in children. We have several ongoing projects evaluating: 1) the impact of the upper respiratory microbiome on the risk of colonization and invasion by bacterial respiratory pathogens among infants in Botswana; 2) associations between the gut microbiome of pediatric stem cell transplant recipients and the risk of infections (bloodstream infection, C. difficile infection) and graft-versus-host disease; and 3) the role of the gut and respiratory microbiomes in mediating COVID-19 infection susceptibility and disease severity in children. Ultimately, I aim to develop strategies that use targeted modification of the microbiome for the prevention of infections in children.

Current Research Interests

As a pediatrician with specialty training in infectious diseases and global health, my career goal is to develop strategies that use targeted manipulation of the microbiome for the prevention and treatment of infections in children. My current research focuses on elucidating the complex relationships that exist between sociodemographic factors, the upper respiratory microbiome, and colonization by pneumonia pathogens among infants in Botswana. Ultimately, we aim to develop microbiome therapeutics that effectively prevent pneumonia and other respiratory infections in children. 

Current Appointments & Affiliations

Contact Information

  • 2301 Erwin Rd, Durham, NC 27710
  • 2301 Erwin Road, T915 Chc, Durham, NC 27710

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