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Rebecca L. Vidra

Senior Lecturer in the Division of Marine Science and Conservation
Marine Science and Conservation
Box 90328, Durham, NC 27708
9 Circuit Drive, 3105 Environment Hall, Durham, NC 27708

Selected Publications

Embracing eco-cultural restoration

Journal Article Restoration Ecology · January 1, 2024 The UN Decade of Restoration calls us to pursue more resilient and enduring approaches for restoration. One such approach is eco-cultural restoration, which places the culture of local and Indigenous communities at the center of restoration. Eco-cultural r ... Full text Cite

Acknowledging the challenges of pedagogical innovation: the case of integrating research, teaching, and the practice of environmental leadership

Journal Article Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences · September 15, 2019 Featured Publication Providing opportunities for community engagement and research is part of many environmental sciences and studies programs. Because of the constraints of the typical classroom environment, we need to develop innovative pedagogical tools to allow students to ... Full text Cite

Cultivating hope through contemplative methods

Journal Article Journal of Sustainability Education · November 30, 2015 Link to item Cite

Restoration through food and fellowship at Waipa, Kaua'i

Journal Article Ecological Restoration · December 1, 2014 Full text Cite

Intelligent Tinkering: Bridging the Gap between Science and Practice

Journal Article Restoration Ecology · September 2013 Full text Cite

Thinking locally for urban forest restoration: A simple method links exotic species invasion to local landscape structure

Journal Article Restoration Ecology · June 1, 2008 Restoring urban forests often involves eradicating exotic species and diligently guarding against future invasions. Understanding how landscape structure contributes to the distribution of exotic species may inform these management efforts. To date, the di ... Full text Cite

Effects of vegetation removal on native understory recovery in an exotic-rich urban forest

Journal Article Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society · July 1, 2007 Urban forests represent patches of biodiversity within otherwise degraded landscapes, yet these forests are threatened by invasion by exotic plant species. We investigated the response of a forest understory to removal of four common exotic species: Elaeag ... Full text Cite

Testing the paradigms of exotic species invasion in urban riparian forests

Journal Article Natural Areas Journal · October 1, 2006 Exotic species research has generated several paradigms about the effects of invasion on native ecosystems and the site characteristics that promote invasibility. We are interested in translating these theoretical paradigms into management recommendations. ... Full text Cite

Ethical Dilemmas in Coral Reef Restoration

Chapter · January 1, 2006 Coral reef restoration projects provide unique and important opportunities to apply the science of coral reef ecology to improve ecologically fragile but degraded ecosystems. Restoration represents an intersection of objective-based science and policy-base ... Cite

Studying the ethics of ecological restoration: An introduction

Journal Article Ecological Restoration · January 1, 2006 Full text Cite

The ethical challenges faced by ecological restorationists

Journal Article Ecological Restoration · January 1, 2006 Full text Cite

Developing a code of ethics for restorationists

Journal Article Ecological Restoration · January 1, 2006 Full text Cite

What are your ethical challenges?

Journal Article Ecological Restoration · January 1, 2003 A doctoral student asks restorationists about the ethical conundrums involved in their work, and finds they have plenty to discuss. ... Full text Cite