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Lorrie Schmid

Manager, Information Systems
Social Science Research Institute
Box 104117, Durham, NC 27708-0539
2024 West Main Street, Box 104117, Durham, NC 27705

Selected Publications

An Investigation of a Classroom-Based Specialized Music Therapy Model for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Voices Together Using the VOICSS Method

Journal Article Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities · September 1, 2020 Students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have marked deficits in social communication skills, which can challenge their ability to participate in academic and social activities. Music therapy is a popular intervention for children with ASD, and althoug ... Full text Cite

A Preliminary Investigation of a Specialized Music Therapy Model for Children with Disabilities Delivered in a Classroom Setting.

Journal Article Autism Res Treat · 2016 Music therapy is gaining popularity as an intervention strategy for children with developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This study was a pilot investigation of a classroom-based music-based intervention, Voices Together®, fo ... Full text Open Access Link to item Cite

Who is a Student: Completion in Coursera Courses at Duke University

Journal Article Current Issues in Emerging eLearning · 2016 Cite

Fulfilling the promise: do MOOCs reach the educationally underserved?

Journal Article Educational Media International · 2015 Cite

Injunctive and Descriptive Peer Group Norms and the Academic Adjustment of Rural Early Adolescents

Journal Article The Journal of Early Adolescence · February 2011 This study integrates diverse literatures on peer group influence by conceptualizing and examining the relationship of peer group injunctive norms to the academic adjustment of a large and ethnically diverse sample of rural early adolescents’ acad ... Full text Cite

An exploration of the relationship between ethnicity, attention problems, and academic achievement

Journal Article School Psychology Review · December 1, 2004 There has been longstanding concern about achievement differences across ethnic groups. Inattention is a significant factor associated with underachievement, and higher ratings of inattention have been found for some minority groups. The present study exam ... Cite