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Susan Thorne

Associate Professor Emerita of History
PO Box 90719, Durham, NC 27708-0719
224 Classroom Building, 1356 Campus Drive, Durham, NC 27705
Office hours Wednesdays 1- 4 and by welcome appointment  

Available to Mentor

  • Post-Doc
  • Undergraduate

Advising & Mentoring

I advise ten undergraduate history majors, with whom I meet at least once every semester.  I engage in conversations about their choice of concentration and classes, focusing on intellectual substance/trajectory as well as making sure they are fulfilling university and major requirements.  I try to do a respectful mental health check, making clear my availability as a resource to consult should they run into problems that affect their academic performance.  I also encourage them to think about how their choice of classes, their path through the major, might contribute to their professional development and their civic engagements.