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Susan Thorne

Associate Professor Emerita of History
PO Box 90719, Durham, NC 27708-0719
224 Classroom Building, 1356 Campus Drive, Durham, NC 27705
Office hours Wednesdays 1- 4 and by welcome appointment  

Selected Presentations & Appearances

British Imperial Decline(s) - The Decline of Great Empires: an Adventure in Ideas Seminar Series · June 30, 2018 Instructional Course, Workshop, or Symposium Carolina Public Humanities, UNC Center for School Leadership Development

The British Empire rose and fell not once, but many times, in response to colonial and geopolitical as well as metropolitan developments. This presentation juxtaposes the causes and consequences of GB's loss of its mainland American colonies after the Seven Years' War to the overthrow of British colonial rule after WWII.

Commencement Speaker · May 15, 2010 Invited Talk Graduate Liberal Studies, Duke University,

Invited Lectures

Blood Kin: Writing a Colonial History of the Modern Orphan · January 24, 2008 Lecture Imperial History Seminar, Institute of Historical Research , University of London

Invited Lectures ; I delivered same paper at Sheffield Hallam University on January 23, 2008

Service to the Profession

Participant - Faculty Curriculum on Anti-Racism · January 11, 2021 - January 14, 2021 Professional Development Duke Office of Faculty Advancement,