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Robert Andrew Waugh

Associate Professor Emeritus of Medicine
Medicine, Cardiology
Duke Box 3032, Durham, NC 27710
8027 North Pavillion, 2400 Pratt Street, Durham, NC 27710


My work is directed along three lines including the use of simulation and computers in medical student and graduate medical education, the use of noninvasive technologies in the evaluation of the patient with heart disease, and the role of stress and behavior modification in the care and evaluation of patients with known or suspected heart disease.

In collaboration with the Medical Training and Simulation Research Laboratory at the University of Miami School of Medicine, I am part of a multicenter consortium of educators and physicians to develop and evaluate multimedia teaching programs in a variety of disciplines but beginning with Cardiology. We are currently conducting a multicenter observational trial of the use of these programs at several levels in the medical school curriculum as well as developing and evaluating pre- and post-test instruments.

In collaboration with the Behavioral Medicine Laboratory of Dr. James Blumenthal, I collaborate in a variety of trials centering around a study of the relation between exercise, weight loss and blood pressure (including a specific trial focused on this question in African-Americans) as well as the role of mental stress and ischemia in the natural history of patients with known coronary artery disease.

Key Words: Medical education, behavior modification, noninvasive cardiology.

Current Appointments & Affiliations

Associate Professor Emeritus of Medicine · 2015 - Present Medicine, Cardiology, Medicine

Education, Training & Certifications

University of Pennsylvania · 1966 M.D.