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Yachao Sun

Assistant Professor of English Language at Duke Kunshan University
DKU Faculty

Selected Publications

Decolonizing English Academic Writing education through translingual practices

Journal Article Linguistics and Education · June 2024 This study investigated the predominance of English in the academic discourse and its potential to marginalize multilingual individuals and explored how translingual practices could be a means to decolonize English Academic Writing (EAW) education within t ... Full text Cite

Trans-studies on Writing for English as an Additional Language

Book · April 22, 2024 This Element charts the historical development of trans-concepts in writing studies and scrutinizes the discussions surrounding translingual and second language (L2) writing. It further examines the emerging trends within trans-studies on writing and highl ... Link to item Cite

Transdisciplinary writing teacher development in a Sino-US joint-venture university in China

Chapter · April 16, 2024 This chapter reflects the professional development initiatives undertaken at the Language and Culture Center (LCC) at Duke Kunshan University (DKU) through a transdisciplinary lens (Matsuda, 2013, 2021). This lens was particularly pertinent, given that LCC ... Full text Link to item Cite

Power dynamics in translingual practices for Chinese as a Second Language writing education

Journal Article Language Teaching · April 2, 2024 This study explores the impact of power dynamics – represented by linguistic privilege, learning environment, and identity formation – on translingual practices in Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) writing education. It focuses on a specific case involvin ... Full text Open Access Cite

Pedagogical values of translingual practices in improving student feedback literacy in academic writing

Journal Article Assessing Writing · April 1, 2023 This study examines an undergraduate student's language practices and ideologies in her feedback process of academic writing and discusses the pedagogical values of translingual practices in improving student feedback literacy. A case study was conducted t ... Full text Cite

A bibliometric analysis on L2 writing in the first 20 years of the 21st century: Research impacts and research trends

Journal Article Journal of Second Language Writing · March 1, 2023 This study adopts a bibliometric approach to investigate a) impacts of scholars and publications and b) major research trends in L2 writing research between 2000 and 2020. Data (2723 files) were collected to represent L2 writing publications in the past tw ... Full text Cite

Increasing critical language awareness through translingual practices in academic writing

Journal Article Journal of English for Academic Purposes · March 1, 2023 This study examines a student's translingual practices and language ideologies in her academic writing process in a transnational higher education (TNHE) context to explore how translingual practices can help increase students' critical language awareness ... Full text Cite

Pedagogical implications of translingual practices for content and language integrated learning

Journal Article Applied Linguistics Review · January 1, 2023 This case study explores the pedagogical implications of translingual practices for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). The case study examines how a multilingual undergraduate student at a Sino-U.S. joint-venture university in China employs t ... Full text Cite

EAP Courses in Joint-Venture Institutions: A Needs Analysis Based on Learner Perceptions

Journal Article Indonesian Journal of English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics · December 12, 2022 With the increase in English medium instruction (EMI) in non-English-speaking countries, the role of EAP in preparing learners for the academic tasks that they will face is enhanced. Joint-venture universities (JVUs), institutions formed in collaboration b ... Full text Open Access Link to item Cite

A corpus-based investigation on noun phrase complexity in L1 and L2 English writing

Journal Article English for Specific Purposes · July 1, 2022 Since the 1990s, grammatical complexity has received considerable attention in different fields of L2 studies, for instance, second language acquisition (SLA) and L2 writing. While over the past three decades grammatical complexity has frequently been repr ... Full text Cite

Implementation of translingual pedagogies in EAL writing: A systematic review

Journal Article Language Teaching Research · April 23, 2022 Full text Cite

Research trends in ‘trans-’ studies on writing: A bibliometric analysis

Journal Article System · December 1, 2021 This study identifies the research trends of ‘trans-’ studies on writing by analyzing 165 journal articles from a bibliometric approach. The corpus consists of peer-reviewed journal articles published from 2011 to 2020, during which ‘trans-’ studies on wri ... Full text Cite

Multimodality in L2 writing: Intellectual roots and contemporary developments

Chapter · June 3, 2021 Inthischapter,wediscusstheconceptofmultimodalityinL2/multilingual writing by tracing its intellectual roots and reviewing its contemporary developments. Any investigation of the theoretical or pedagogical aspects of multimodal composi- tion in multilingual ... Full text Cite

Enactment of a Translingual Approach to Writing

Journal Article TESOL Quarterly · June 1, 2021 With increasing interest in a translingual approach to writing studies, a considerable amount of empirical research has been conducted to investigate how this approach can affect writing practice and pedagogy. This article reports on 42 empirical studies o ... Full text Cite

L1 effects on L2 written production in mindbodyworld alignment

Journal Article Chinese Journal of Second Language Writing · 2020 Cite

Does L2 writing proficiency influence noun phrase complexity? A case analysis of argumentative essays written by Chinese students in a first-year composition course

Journal Article System · October 1, 2019 This corpus-based study investigated the association between noun phrase complexity and L2 writing proficiency based on the 11 noun modifiers in Biber, Gray, and Poonpon's (2011) index of complexity features. A corpus was built based on 100 argumentative p ... Full text Cite