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Biji Wong

Phillip Griffiths Assistant Research Professor

Selected Publications

Twisted Mazur Pattern Satellite Knots & Bordered Floer Theory

Journal Article Michigan Mathematical Journal · May 1, 2023 We use bordered Floer theory to study properties of twisted Mazur pattern satellite knots Qn(K). We prove that Qn(K) is not Floer homologically thin, with two exceptions. We calculate the 3-genus of Qn(K) in terms of the twisting parameter n and the 3-genu ... Full text Cite

G -Corks and Heegaard Floer homology

Journal Article Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications · October 1, 2019 In [D. Auckly, H. J. Kim, P. Melvin and D. Ruberman, Equivariant corks, Algebr. Geom. Topol. 17(3) (2017) 1771-1783], Auckly-Kim-Melvin-Ruberman showed that for any finite subgroup G of SO(4) there exists a contractible smooth 4-manifold with an effective ... Full text Cite

Turaev torsion invariants of 3-orbifolds

Journal Article Geometriae Dedicata · April 1, 2017 We construct a combinatorial invariant of 3-orbifolds with singular set a link that generalizes the Turaev torsion invariant of 3-manifolds. We give several gluing formulas from which we derive two consequences. The first is an understanding of how the com ... Full text Cite