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Cameron M Kim

Assistant Professor of the Practice in the Department of Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering

Selected Publications

Board 28: Work-in-progress: Transforming the Molecular and Cellular Engineering Educational Experience in Biomedical Engineering

Conference ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings · June 25, 2023 In recent decades, biomedical engineers have capitalized upon the “molecular revolution” that fundamentally changed the study of biology through discovery, design, and commercial production of molecular and cell-based therapeutics that form the foundation ... Cite

Board 19: Work in Progress: Integrating Ethics Education across the Biomedical Engineering Curriculum Increases Student Awareness of Frameworks and Broader Applications to Practice

Conference ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings · June 25, 2023 The intersection of human health and designing novel technologies that improve medical outcomes requires personal and professional introspection on the ethical dilemmas that clinicians and engineers will face in their careers. Given the diverse field of bi ... Cite

Methanol-fuelled yeast synthesizes anticancer drugs

Journal Article Nature Synthesis · March 1, 2023 Full text Cite

Programmable mutually exclusive alternative splicing for generating RNA and protein diversity.

Journal Article Nature communications · June 2019 Alternative splicing performs a central role in expanding genomic coding capacity and proteomic diversity. However, programming of splicing patterns in engineered biological systems remains underused. Synthetic approaches thus far have predominantly focuse ... Full text Cite

Biomedical applications of RNA-based devices

Journal Article Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering · December 1, 2017 Emergent RNA technologies employ sequence and structural information to perform a diversity of biological functions. Synthetic RNA molecules have been developed for a wide array of applications, including genetic regulation, environmental sensing, and diag ... Full text Cite

Programming protein function with synthetic RNA splicing devices

Conference Synthetic Biology Conference, SEED 2017: Engineering, Evolution, and Design · January 1, 2017 Cite