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Kristin Elisabeth Hiller

Assistant Professor of English Language at Duke Kunshan University
DKU Faculty

Selected Publications

Transdisciplinary writing teacher development in a Sino-US joint-venture university in China

Chapter · April 16, 2024 This chapter reflects the professional development initiatives undertaken at the Language and Culture Center (LCC) at Duke Kunshan University (DKU) through a transdisciplinary lens (Matsuda, 2013, 2021). This lens was particularly pertinent, given that LCC ... Full text Link to item Cite

Leading Language Programs with Intercultural Competence

Chapter · January 1, 2023 In this chapter, language programs are viewed as “contact zones” in which skilled language-program administrators (LPAs) leverage the advantages of diversity in their programs to deftly resolve conflicts. The key to achieving these two interrelated goals—l ... Full text Cite

Introducing Translanguaging in an EAP Course at a Joint-Venture University in China

Journal Article RELC Journal · August 1, 2021 This article describes an innovative approach to introducing translanguaging in an English for academic purposes (EAP) course at a young Sino–US joint-venture university in China. To promote the use of Chinese students’ full linguistic and communicative re ... Full text Cite

Intercultural navigator

Chapter · January 1, 2012 Featured Publication Cite

Rethinking orientation: Innovation and collaboration in a language and culture camp at a Sino-US university.

Chapter The past few decades have seen a dramatic increase in the internationalization of higher education institutions, from study abroad programs to increasing internationalization efforts at home (Institute of International Education, 2019; Ogden & Brewer, 2019 ... Cite