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Maggie L DiNome

Professor of Surgery
Surgical Oncology
4101 Macon Pond Road, Raleigh, NC 27607

Research Interests

My current clinical research interests focus on the de-escalation of lymph node surgery in breast cancer patients with lymph node positive disease. My research team and I have identified DNA methylation signatures that show high accuracy in differentiating patients with minimal nodal disease versus advanced nodal disease. We are developing a PCR-based assay for clinical use to support omission of axillary lymph node dissection for surgical staging of patients with minimal nodal disease. I am also interested in the epigenetic changes in triple negative breast cancer that influence treatment response to chemotherapy. We are also investigating the epigenetic differences among races and how these changes may impact risk for metastases, treatment response and overall survival.

Selected Grants

Fellowships, Gifts, and Supported Research

Developing a PCR-based epigenetic assay predicting lymph node disease in patients with invasive breast cancer · February 2022 John Wayne Cancer Foundation · $100,000.00