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Selected Publications

Gendered Racial Stereotype Endorsement:

Journal Article Journal of African American Women and Girls in Education · July 29, 2023 Recent indicators continue to highlight the underrepresentation of Black girls and women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), from advanced course enrollment and degree attainment to employment. In this paper, we consider th ... Full text Cite

The Compounding Impact of Racial Microaggressions: The Experiences of African American Students in Predominantly White Institutions

Journal Article Teachers College Record: The Voice of Scholarship in Education · May 2023 Background/Context: African American students often encounter racial microaggressions when attending predominantly white institutions (PWIs). Experiencing racial microaggressions can negatively affect African Amer ... Full text Cite

FACTSHEET – Racial Microaggressions and the Health of African American Students

Journal Article Teachers College Record: The Voice of Scholarship in Education · May 2023 Full text Cite

Mixed methods research proposal

Chapter · January 1, 2022 The mixed methods research proposal (MMRP) is the detailed plan for a mixed methods research study. The goal of this chapter is to discuss the purpose of the MMRP. Specifically, this chapter explains the main components of the MMRP, including the introduct ... Full text Cite

Exploring Mathematics of the Sociopolitical Through Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in a College Algebra Course at a Historically Black College/University

Journal Article Journal of Urban Mathematics Education · May 27, 2021 In collegiate mathematics, college algebra continues to be a barrier to graduation for students (specifically non-science, mathematics, engineering, and science majors). Each year, nearly half of enrolled students struggle to “pass” this course wit ... Full text Cite

A Qualitative Study of Black College Women’s Experiences of Misogynoir and Anti-Racism with High School Educators

Journal Article Social Sciences · January 19, 2021 A growing body of literature highlights how teachers and administrators influence Black girls’ academic and social experiences in school. Yet, less of this work explores how Black undergraduate women understand their earlier school experiences, par ... Full text Cite

African American professionals in higher education: experiencing and coping with racial microaggressions

Journal Article Race Ethnicity and Education · July 3, 2020 Using a Critical Race Theory lens, we explored how African American professionals in both HBCUs and PWIs (4-year and 2-year institutions) experienced and coped with racial microaggressions. The participants in this study included fifteen African American i ... Full text Open Access Cite