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Yu Wang

Assistant Professor of Sociology at Duke Kunshan University
DKU Faculty

Selected Publications

Immunization coverage, knowledge, satisfaction, and associated factors of non-National Immunization Program vaccines among migrant and left-behind families in China: evidence from Zhejiang and Henan provinces.

Journal Article Infectious diseases of poverty · October 2023 BackgroundMigrant and left-behind families are vulnerable in health services utilization, but little is known about their disparities in immunization of non-National Immunization Program (NIP) vaccines. This study aims to evaluate the immunization ... Full text Cite

Childhood socioeconomic disadvantage and risk of physical multimorbidity in later life: The mediating role of depression.

Journal Article Maturitas · January 2023 ObjectiveTo assess the impact of childhood socioeconomic disadvantage (SED) on the risks of depression and physical multimorbidity in later life and to explore whether depression mediates the association between childhood SED and physical multimor ... Full text Cite

Opportunity and change in occupational assortative mating.

Journal Article Social science research · September 2021 This article documents how opportunity and change in the U.S. occupational structure shaped patterns of occupational assortative mating between 1970 and 2015-2017. Trends in occupational assortative mating have often been cited as potentially contributing ... Full text Cite

Hukou intermarriage and social exclusion in China.

Journal Article Research in social stratification and mobility · August 2018 Hukou is a key marker of status in contemporary China. Urban hukou status confers large economic benefits such as preferential access to good schools, prestigious occupations, and state-subsidized welfare benefits. As such, trends in hukou ... Full text Cite

Similarities and differences in contraceptive use reported by women and men in the National Survey of Family Growth.

Journal Article Contraception · April 2017 ObjectiveTo compare use of contraceptive methods at last heterosexual intercourse among 15-44year-old women and men at risk of unintended pregnancy in the United States.Study designWe employed data from the National Survey of Family Growt ... Full text Cite

The Role of Young Adults' Pleasure Attitudes in Shaping Condom Use.

Journal Article American journal of public health · July 2015 Condoms can help young adults protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. We examined young people's attitudes about whether condoms reduced pleasure and how these attitudes shape condom practices. We used a nationally ... Full text Cite

Which young adults are most likely to use withdrawal? The importance of pregnancy attitudes and sexual pleasure.

Journal Article Contraception · April 2015 ObjectivesUse of withdrawal (coitus interruptus) has consequences for reproductive health, but few nationally representative studies exist. We (1) examined patterns of withdrawal among 15- to 24-year-old women and men, and (2) explored withdrawal' ... Full text Cite