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Andrew John Liu

Associate Professor of Neurology
Neurology, Behavioral Neurology
932 Morreene Rd, Room 258, Durham, NC 27705
932 Morreene Rd., Rm 258, Durham, NC 27705

Available to Mentor

  • Fellow
  • Other
  • Professional
  • Resident
  • Undergraduate

Advising & Mentoring

Dr. Deborah Rose graduated from the neurology resident here at Duke in 2024. She is now a Behavioral Neurology Fellow at a combined program with Johns Hopkins University and the NIA. She will gain clinical experience in behavioral neurology while conducting research to establish how Adverse Childhood Events contribute to the development and possibly explain the racial disparities in Alzheimer's Disease in minoritized groups.

I also served on the dissertation committee for the graduate student Sebnem Eren Cevik at North Carolina State University in 2023. Dr. Eren Cevik received completed her defense and has accepted a position with the NIH. 

Ling Wu, MD, PhD, is a current REC scholar in the Duke-UNC Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC). I currently serve as an advisory committee member for Dr. Wu.

Drs. Dylan Ryan and Joel Page IV are current fellows in stroke and epilepsy respectively. I am presently collaborating and mentoring Dr. Ryan on the development of a clinical algorithm aimed at discerning the optimal treatment approach for patients receiving lecanemab and exhibiting stroke syndromes, particularly in the administration of alteplase. I currently work with and mentor Dr. Page IV. We are investigating novel biomarkers for the detection of ARIA in patients undergoing lecanemab treatment.

Samuel Ndukwe and Jeana Chun are 1st year medical students at Duke interested in pursuing a career in Neurology. I currently mentor both of them in the Action Potential Program here at Duke. The Action Potential Program is designed to help foster a medical student's passion for a career in neurology.

Bryce Polascik, a medical student at Wake Forest University medical school class of 2025 and Sanya Shah a recent graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, are interested in the clinical characterization of convalescent COVID-19 patients. They have published 2 manuscripts describing the neurological outcomes after contracting COVID-19.

Charlotte Jones graduated from Duke University in 2023. She is a current clinical research coordinator at NYU and aims to pursue a career in medicine after taking a gap year. 

Sanya Shah gradunate from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2023. She will begin medical school in 2025 at UNC.