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Hal Cecil Charles

Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology
Box 2702 Med Ctr, Durham, NC 27710
2424 Erwin Road, Suite 301, Hock Plaza, Durham, NC 27705


Monitoring, Physiologic Respiratory Physiological Phenomena Equipment Design Asthma Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic Nootropic Agents Indans Aspartic Acid Alleles Hippocampus Apolipoproteins E Osteophyte ROC Curve Age Factors Predictive Value of Tests Memory Apolipoprotein E4 Glucose Regional Blood Flow Microelectrodes Blood Glucose Lactates Phosphorus Radioisotopes Phosphocreatine Lactic Acid Adenine Nucleotides Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid Risk Factors Weight-Bearing Obesity Cohort Studies Patella Imaging, Three-Dimensional Body Mass Index Aging Young Adult Fluorocarbons Prenatal Diagnosis Echoencephalography Cerebral Ventricles Phosphorylcholine Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity Autistic Disorder Phenylcarbamates Ethanolamines Tremor Vomiting Survival Analysis Partial Pressure Prospective Studies Double-Blind Method Cholinesterase Inhibitors Aged, 80 and over Follow-Up Studies Analysis of Variance Alzheimer Disease Severity of Illness Index Disease Progression Knee Joint Femur Osteoarthritis, Knee Cartilage, Articular Phosphates Cross-Sectional Studies Longitudinal Studies Arthrography Tibia Fluorine Radioisotopes Tomography, Emission-Computed Adenosine Triphosphate Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols Rats Leg Multicenter Studies as Topic Child, Preschool Fluorodeoxyglucose F18 Clinical Trials, Phase III as Topic Radiation Oncology Sarcoma Image Enhancement Kaplan-Meier Estimate Male Middle Aged Magnetic Resonance Imaging Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Dogs Humans Female Aged Lung Diseases Technology Developmental Disabilities Research Design Autopsy Fetal Diseases Cartilage Internationality Research Posture Fractals Genotype Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted Neurons Gadolinium DTPA Technology Assessment, Biomedical Piperidines Quality Assurance, Health Care Placebos Diagnostic Imaging Cognition Disorders Genetic Predisposition to Disease Odds Ratio Activities of Daily Living Postoperative Complications Memory Disorders False Positive Reactions Molecular Conformation Feasibility Studies False Negative Reactions Extracellular Space Psychiatry Neurology Vitrectomy Phantoms, Imaging Breast Neoplasms Intracellular Fluid Solubility Electric Stimulation Neuropsychological Tests Radiation Injuries Edema Photometry Deoxyglucose Exercise Retinal Detachment Sarcoma, Experimental Statistics as Topic Muscle Neoplasms Diabetic Retinopathy Triglycerides Fibrosis Urinary Bladder Hemodynamics Serine Tetrahydrofolates Cognition Intraocular Pressure Liposomes Infant Glycine Ischemia Visual Fields Seizures Calibration Glaucoma Drug Combinations Reference Values Postoperative Period Eye Diseases Drug Carriers Atrophy Visual Acuity Structure-Activity Relationship Lung Quality Control International Cooperation Europe Phobic Disorders Chemical Phenomena Chemistry Psychiatric Status Rating Scales Neuroma, Acoustic Brain Diseases Cystic Fibrosis Depressive Disorder Isotopes Reference Standards Lethal Dose 50 Microscopy, Electron Bone Neoplasms Tumor Cells, Cultured Coloring Agents Necrosis Contrast Media Radiation Tolerance Oxygen Consumption Oxygen Sex Characteristics Retinal Vessels Laser Therapy Creatine Inositol Polarography Neoplasm Transplantation Light Coagulation Water Kidney Kidney Transplantation Retinal Diseases Brain Chemistry Organophosphates Diagnosis, Differential Protons Muscle, Skeletal Hydrogen Retina Image Processing, Computer-Assisted Adolescent Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted Muscles Time Factors Mathematics Child Pain Phosphorus Phosphorus Isotopes Phosphorus Compounds Diagnosis, Computer-Assisted Biological Markers Tumor Markers, Biological Disease Models, Animal Sensitivity and Specificity Brain Adipose Tissue Body Temperature Adipokines Epidemiologic Methods Forelimb Hydrogen-Ion Concentration Adult Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation Animals Thermometers Radiotherapy Models, Biological Prognosis Thermodynamics Combined Modality Therapy Dog Diseases Treatment Outcome Observer Variation Bone Malalignment Thermography Reproducibility of Results Temperature Soft Tissue Neoplasms Disease-Free Survival Radiotherapy Dosage Evaluation Studies as Topic Hyperthermia, Induced Neoplasms Diffusion