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Carol Dukes Hamilton

Professor Emeritus of Medicine
Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Duke Box 102359, Durham, NC 27710
315 Trent Drive, Hanes House, Room 160, Durham, NC 27710

Awards & Honors

D.A. Henderson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Health

Other Infectious Diseases Society of America · 2020 Started in 2017, the D.A. Henderson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Health recognizes a lifetime of achievement in public health. Dr. Henderson’s role in leading the successful eradication of smallpox will stand forever as a shining example of the profound impact that infectious disease physicians and scientists can have in preventing disease and relieving human suffering. By naming this award in his honor we hope to inspire others to become champions for public health throughout the world. More about this award

International TB Control Cooperation Award

Other China Clinical Center of Tuberculosis · 2014 International TB Control Cooperation Award from the China Clinical Center on Tuberculosis and the National TB Society award honoring Dr. Hamilton's work with the Center bringing tuberculosis-related research and research methodologies to China's public health network.

Charles C. Shepard Science Award

National US Centers for Disease Control · 2012 Dr. Hamilton won the Shepard Award in 2012 for her role in conceptualizing, implementing, writing and publishing the results of a pivotal international study leading to a short-course treatment for latent TB infection, published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Established in 1986, the CDC/ATSDR Charles C. Shepard Science Award was named in honor of Dr. Charles C. Shepard, M.D., the internationally recognized microbiologist who was chief of the Leprosy and Rickettsia Branch at CDC for more than 30 years, until his death on February 18, 1985. The Charles C. Shepard Science Award can be awarded both for scientific publications and for lifetime scientific achievement. For scientific publications, the award is presented to the best manuscript on original research published by a CDC or ATSDR scientist in a reputable, peer-reviewed journal. For lifetime scientific achievement, the award is given to an individual with a body of scientific work contributing to public health. In some years, the award may not be given in all categories. More about this award