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Minna Ng

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Psychology and Neuroscience
Psychology & Neuroscience
308 Research Drive, Durham, NC 27710
308 Research Drive, Durham, NC 27710

Selected Publications

Class Size and Student Performance in a Team-Based Learning Course.

Journal Article J Undergrad Neurosci Educ · 2021 High-enrollment university courses can be associated with decreased student learning and course satisfaction. In these large classes, students report feelings of isolation, reduced faculty interaction, and less motivation. Here we address whether team-base ... Open Access Link to item Cite

Comparing Active Learning to Team-Based Learning in Undergraduate Neuroscience.

Journal Article J Undergrad Neurosci Educ · 2020 Team-based learning (TBL) is a special form of collaborative learning that involves the use of permanent working teams throughout the semester. In this highly structured and interactive teaching method, students perform preparatory activities outside of cl ... Open Access Link to item Cite

Macular Vascular Microcirculation in Eyes With Open-angle Glaucoma Using Different Visual Field Severity Classification Systems.

Journal Article Journal of glaucoma · September 2019 PrecisWe found significant differences in macular vascular microcirculation between normal and glaucomatous eyes using optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA). Macular vascular microcirculation changes also showed significant correlations ... Full text Open Access Cite

Imaging and Perimetry Society Standards and Guidelines

Journal Article Optometry and Vision Science · January 2011 Full text Open Access Cite

The African Descent and Glaucoma Evaluation Study (ADAGES): design and baseline data.

Journal Article Arch Ophthalmol · September 2009 OBJECTIVE: To identify factors accounting for differences in glaucoma onset and rate of progression between individuals of African descent and European descent. DESIGN: A prospective, multicenter observational cohort study of 1221 participants of African d ... Full text Link to item Cite

Selectivity for the configural cues that identify the gender, ethnicity, and identity of faces in human cortex

Journal Article Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences · December 19, 2006 We used psychophysical and functional MRI (fMRI) adaptation to examine how and where the visual configural cues underlying identification of facial ethnicity, gender, and identity are processed. We found that the cortical regions showing selectivit ... Full text Cite